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Markets Served

Markets Served

RD Rubber Technology works worldwide with a wide range of OEM’s. Our expertise in finding solutions for our customer’s specific needs serves a variety of industries. We adhere to strict requirements for healthcare agencies and government contracts with the military and aerospace industries.

We mold using all thermoset elastomers such as organic rubber, synthetic rubber, fluoroelastomer, fluorosilicone, SBR, butyl, chlorobutyl, EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, FKM, Viton® and silicone types in the 10 to 90 durometer range. Complete product & material traceability is a basic part of our quality system from raw materials through the molding process to the date the parts are shipped.

RD Rubber Technology offers:

RD Rubber Technology is ITAR Registered and ISO Certified. Each step of our process is recorded and yields accountability for every part. The healthcare, aerospace, and defense/military industries are the benchmark for all our quality and process procedures, ensuring everything you receive is completely traceable.

Each RFQ goes through a deep analysis of the project to avoid any up-charges when it goes into production. We don’t just perform a cursory review, we study all the details that go into producing your product. From the material and molding process, through secondary operations and inspection to the packaging and labeling, we ensure all regulations and specifications are being met in order to obtain an accurate quote every time.

Our attention to detail ensures our impeccable record. Our dedication to high quality sets us apart from many other companies and allows us to work closely with significant industries.

Below are some of the applications our parts have been used for:

Health CareAerospaceMilitary and Defense
Fuel InjectionDairy Processing EquipmentSatellite
Food EquipmentLiquid FiltrationPharmaceutical