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Conventional Machining

Conventional Machining

Conventional machining is the manual alternative to computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Below is an overview of the conventional machining process.

What Is Conventional Machining?

Conventional machining is when a human operator directs and manages machining tools like lathes or boring, drilling, and milling machines. The operator must control the intensity and location of tool contact with the workpiece, using wheels, levers, or buttons to achieve the targeted product geometry.

The conventional machining process is also referred to as manual machining, and it involves using sharp point cutting tools, such as the taper tool used for tapering in a lathe. These cutting tools are used against a stationary or rotating workpiece for material removal.

Common conventional machining equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • Grinding machines
  • Vertical drilling machines
  • Milling machines
  • Lathe machines

What to Know About Conventional Machining

Unlike CNC machining, conventional machining optimizes labor efficiency for low-volume production runs. Conventional machining provides fast, efficient machine setups and tooling changeovers and is ideal for producing low quantities.

Conventional machining applications tend to vary, including:

  • Using a drill machine to drill holes in workpieces
  • Surface smoothing 
  • Cutting, turning, facing, knurling, and tapering
  • External and internal surfacing

Conventional machining processes offer various benefits:

  • Efficient equipment setup
  • Material variety
  • Prototypes, development and low volumes.

RD Rubber’s Conventional Machining Capabilities

RD Rubber offers conventional machining capabilities for low-volume production runs. Our conventional machining equipment consists of lathe and milling machines which enhance our core service offerings and secondary operations.

Lathes perform turning operations, a common conventional machining process that involves spinning workpieces against cutting tools. The cutting tools travel along two axes of motion to create cuts with precise width and depth. 

Conventional Machining Services From RD Rubber

At RD Rubber, our primary goal is to deliver accurate, high-quality products and customer service. Our conventional lathe and milling machines allow us to expand our services to customers.

 Reach out to us to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote to start your project.