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Inspection Capabilities

Inspection Capabilities

RD Rubber Technology’s well trained, experienced staff visually inspects parts to customer requirements. We have the capability for magnified inspection from 1.75X to 174X. Each job traveler describes the exact inspection method and defect criteria.

Visual inspectors are qualified for inspection of various products with some specialized on specific parts, which is documented in their training record.

Many of our customers specify 100% inspection levels, due to the critical nature of their end product. RD Rubber Technology supports and implements inspection on an SPC or AQL basis as appropriate to the application. Our dimensional inspection capabilities include precise measurements ranging from .0003″ to 14.000″

Our standard Final inspection process is to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, Single, Normal, Level II, AQL 1.0 as a minimum. ISO 3601-3 is the visual standard used unless specified differently.

Inspection equipment includes:

  • FARO Arm CMM with Verisurf software
  • Non-contact Measurement – Micro-Vu Vertex 420 CMM
  • Optical Comparator
  • Rheometer Laser Micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic Mini-processor
  • OD Micrometers – 0″ – 1″ through 5″ – 6″
  • ID Micrometers – 2″ – 12″
  • Depth Micrometers – 0″ – 6″
  • Digital & Dial Calipers – 6″ – 12″
  • Various Hand Tools and more

Please inquire for a complete equipment list