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Aerospace & Defense (Military & Aerospace)

Aerospace & Defense

RD Rubber Technology is a custom rubber manufacturer for the aerospace, defense, military, and government industries. Our custom-molded parts have been used in hydraulic control applications, fuel systems, life-saving devices, aircraft components, and space exploration. 

Our processes have been modeled to meet the most stringent government and aerospace specifications. We are ITAR registered and AS 9100:2016 certified. Complete product and material traceability is a basic part of our quality system, from raw material through the molding process to the date the parts are shipped. Certification of conformance is included with every shipment. As our entire product is custom, confidentiality is essential in our communications. We routinely sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with our customers and are NIST 800-171 compliant.

Learn how RD Rubber Technology serves our customers in the military, government, and aerospace industries.



The military relies on mission-critical equipment that must perform flawlessly under adverse circumstances. High-quality components improve the performance and dependability of the final product and give our armed forces peace of mind. 

RD Rubber Technology has the capabilities and expertise to supply quality custom-molded rubber parts on time to meet your requirements, whether you need large quantities of existing components, replacement items or prototypes for research and development purposes.

Our qualified engineering and manufacturing teams are familiar with military specifications (Mil-Spec). The products we produce for military applications are specially built to meet these requirements and perform in your application under harsh conditions.


GovernmentRD Rubber Technology Corporation is a leading producer of custom-molded rubber parts for the U.S. government and its contractors. We have the capabilities and expertise to provide high-quality custom-molded rubber parts that match various government needs, such as manufacturing existing parts, prototypes for research and development, and replacement products for hard-to-find or outdated applications. The components we produce include:

  • Seals
  • Grommets
  • O-rings
  • Cases
  • Connectors and buttons
  • Shells
  • Housings
  • Vacuum cups
  • Covers
  • Switches
  • Boot pads
  • Valves
  • Gaskets
  • Diaphragms
  • Poppet assemblies
  • Plungers
  • Latches
  • Flappers


SatelliteThe aerospace and satellite industries make extensive use of rubber goods because they can tolerate extreme temperatures. Certain synthetic rubbers can survive corrosive aerospace fluids, such as engine lubricating oils, jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, rocket propellants, and oxidizers. In commercial and military aviation turbine engines, auxiliary power units, and hydraulic actuators, seals made of Viton™ are essential for ensuring reliable operation.

Our aerospace silicone products also serve a vital role in satellite communication, GPS navigation, and weather monitoring technology. Like aircraft, satellites require strict design and production specifications because they must function reliably in harsh environments.

Ultra-high-performance space-grade elastomers are required for the harsh environment of space. They must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and exhibit low outgassing and low compression set. 

Molded rubber products for the satellite industry include:

  • Gaskets
  • Diaphragms
  • Seals

These tough, reusable gaskets, seals, and molded parts can be produced from a wide range of base materials, such as silicone, fluorosilicone, and other ultra-high-performance elastomers.

RD Rubber Technology Capabilities

At RD Rubber, we mold all thermoset elastomers—including butyl, chlorobutyl, silicone, EPDM, nitrile, and neoprene—and select fluoro-elastomeric materials like fluorosilicone and Viton™. From raw material to part molding to transportation, we prioritize complete product and material traceability as part of our quality management system. 

RD Rubber Technology’s facilities offer:

  • Class 8 Clean Room
  • LIM and LSR Molding
  • Silicone to Plastic Bonding
  • Rubber to Metal Bonded Components 
  • Prevention of FOD (Foreign Object Debris)
  • Sulfur Control
  • Compression and Transfer Molding with platen sizes up to 20” x 20”
  • Part X-Ray

When you work with us, we can guide you through the entire process, from conducting a comprehensive engineering review to recommending the best molding techniques to suggesting alternative materials for optimal molding compatibility.

Our procedures are designed to adhere to the strictest aerospace, defense, and governmental standards. We are AS 9100:2016 certified and ITAR registered, and every package comes with a certificate of compliance. Confidentiality in our communications is crucial because all our products are customized. We typically enter into confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our clients and are NIST 800-171 compliant.

Contact us to learn more about how RD Rubber Technology can help with your project.