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Engineered Rubber Products



What Is Engineering?

Engineering is the application of mathematics and science to solve real-world problems, a field designed to improve overall quality of life. Distinct from mathematicians and other scientists, engineers create concrete plans and products out of abstract ideas, in the most practical and cost-effective way. Some of the objects designed by engineers include aircraft, medical device equipment, satellites, rockets, building infrastructure, and electrical components such as computers and smart mobile devices.

What Does a Typical Engineer Do?

The core skills and responsibilities of an engineer are to solve problems, communicate, organize, design, and calculate. They must be able to define and solve problems given particular constraints, which include budget and time.

Specific responsibilities of a typical engineer include:

  • Collaborating with design teams and coordinating design development
  • Prototype planning, design, and testing for various applications
  • Conducting feasibility tests to find out the suitability of proposed projects
  • Completing blueprints, components, and system designs in preparation for the start of new projects
  • Making improvements to development, prototyping, and manufacturing processes
  • Assessing the structural integrity of different components

RD Rubber’s Engineering Capabilities

RD Rubber’s expertise in manufacturing and engineering allows us to bring your engineered rubber product ideas to life.

Below are some of our engineering specialties:

  • Technical Assistance: Technical assistance involves providing targeted engineering support to solve a problem or mitigate future risks. Technical teams work with managers, lead engineers, and developers to optimize processes and operations.
  • Tool Design: This is the process of planning, analyzing, designing, and developing the tooling necessary to produce a particular part.
  • Product Functionality: This is the ultimate goal of developing a product. Better functionality means better value and component longevity.
  • Materials Consulting: This service allows us to analyze and recommend the ideal rubber materials for your application.
  • Engineering and Development Support: Our engineering team focuses on the development and testing of new products, optimizing manufacturing processes, and finding solutions to existing product issues.
  • Precision Tolerances: This involves the development of custom molding processes to provide exacting dimensions that meet your critical requirements.
  • Complete Material Traceability: Material traceability is our commitment to trace and maintain compliant materials throughout their manufacturing lifecycle. 
  • Materials Testing Capabilities: RD Rubber can help you measure the behavior and characteristics of various rubber materials, including a variety of physical tests such as hardness, tear, elongation, tensile strength, and compression set. In addition, we can provide physical testing and application-specific testing, including the creation of a set of test criteria and fixturing for repeatability and accuracy.
  • Grinding Capabilities of Rubber and Metal: Our rubber and metal grinding capabilities ensure that you can get a custom product with specifications for shape, size, and surface finish.

Contact RD Rubber to Learn More

At RD Rubber Technology Corporation, we help our customers develop precision rubber components that meet their project needs. Our experts assist our customers with selecting the best engineered rubber materials and manufacture to meet the most demanding applications.  

As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016 certified company, RD Rubber takes pride in making all our quality products in the United States. Our domestic supply chain mitigates logistical risk, and we prioritize building trust with our customers through prompt, accurate customer service.

Our products also comply with:

  • ISO 10012-1
  • ISO 3601-3
  • ANSI Z540-1
  • ITAR Registration
  • Military Specifications, including MIL-I-45208A
  • GMP Standards

Even if most people never see the products we manufacture, they are critical to our customers’ success. Our focus on rubber engineering, quality, reliability, and on-time delivery helps our customers improve quality and efficiency.  

Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about our engineered rubber products.