Santa Fe Springs, CA – RD Rubber Technology Corporation is pleased to announce it has been
awarded multiple rubber and silicone O-ring purchase orders featuring compression molding,
injection molding and liquid silicone rubber molding manufacturing processes.
“O-rings are one of the most widely recognized rubber seals in the engineering industry, used in
valves, cylinders, pumps, and connectors to prevent fluids and gases from leaking, stated Maria
Jose Monesterio, RD Rubber’s Vice President. O-rings’ key strength is their ability to return to
their original shape after removing the compression forces acting on them, making them an
economical and reliable solution for sealing applications in aerospace, defense, nuclear, food
processing, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.”

Custom O Rings
RD Rubber Technology is a leading supplier of custom molded rubber products for Aerospace,
Defense, Medical, and high technology industries that require precision molded elastomeric
components. RD Rubber operates a state-of-the-art molding facility that includes ISO 14644Class 8 cleanroom space and an extensive inspection and testing department. RD Rubber’s
development team assists customers with process and manufacturing engineering and identifies
the most appropriate compound for a specific application. With its chemical and mechanical
rubber to metal & silicone to plastic bonding capabilities, RD Rubber can accommodate
specialized design requirements and reduce the number of components in an assembly. RD
Rubber also offers value-added machining, grinding, and finishing while molding any thermoset
elastomer including organic rubber, synthetic rubber, fluorocarbon rubbers, fluorosilicone, and
silicone types in the 10 to 90 durometer range. The RD Rubber team can make a
recommendation and create custom formulations to meet application-specific performance
criteria like compression set, permeation, and environmental resistances and offer a custom color

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