LIM/LSR is an injection molding process that uses a high viscosity liquid in 2 parts that cures at a much faster rate utilizing a platinum catalyst. This results in a much faster cycle rate which can bring part costs down over conventional molding methods such as compression, transfer and injection molding. It is also a closed system of molding, so the raw material never comes into human contact. It is ideal for applications where contamination is a problem such as in the medical industry.

This process is perfect for complex designed parts such as 3-dimensional configurations that may include multiple thicknesses, undercuts, and high volume insert molding. At RD Rubber Technology we have taken the art of LIM/LSR molding to a new level through our engineered quality system. This system provides you with a level of quality that is engineered into the process from the beginning of your project. This has led to RD Rubber Technology being able to offer our customers the high volume production and precision tolerances that are highly cost-effective for a wide range of applications, extending well beyond its traditional use in the medical industry.